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Anchor Web site unveilling.

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Hi everyone!

I am David Bromoiras and I am happy to welcome you to my new website. It is mainly a place where I will be listing my work on website building and application development. This role will be accomplished by 1.listing all the work articles i have completed in the work section and 2.by news updates published on the welcome page that will be addressing all the activity around these work articles.

Apart from this role, the site will also provide detailed résumé information about me, available to whoever might be interesed.

The inspiration behind the aesthetics and the design of the site is the notion of the sea, a notion that has deep roots in many people's personality, thus making it a great medium for communicating ideas and inspiration.

This site is actually a minimal promotional brochure at the moment, but there are already plans for its expansion, along with plans for the expansion of the Anchor Web label in many ways.

So drop by as often as you can to maintain touch!