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The idea for the IT-ctionary webapp came around while David was composing his BSc thesis and he was looking for a source of valid english-to-greek IT terminology. He found none that he really approved, either because of invalidity, or because of poornes of terms.

So he decided he would build a 'wiki' style dictionary, where there would be more than one authors in a community to provide an opinion on the most appropriate rendition of each term. The system is designed for tiered user levels, according to both administrative and academic criteria, a feature that strengthens the system's validity.

The Laravel system once again supported this necessity more than adequately, and allowing hacks such as two pagers on a single page etc...

The design is a plain Bootstrap front end, and that's only because most of the attention was given on the backend system of the application. But there are plans of making the looks of it-ctionary more neat and functional!

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UP Team website

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The fully revamped site of UP Team photography crew is as of now online! Anchor Web, having also built the previous site for the team, decided there came the time for a total rebuild.

The most fundamental change was the transition from the Drupal CMSystem to WordPress. The flexible and lightweight experience WordPress can provide for a website of this scale makes it a no-other. And all these match great with the ease of use it provides to the end user.

Custom designed both on the front end and the back end. On the front-end, a fresh responsive single page format is used, providing all the possible capabilities for previewing and viewing the teams exciting photos. While on the back-end a custom ordering system allows the customer to select a photographic package designed absolutely on their personal needs and request it directly from the team.

We should not for a second forget the involvment of the team in the coverage of local racing events, and Anchor Web took special care for promoting it in a dedicated section of the appropriate aesthetic approach!

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Opus Novus website

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The Opus Novus site was built with absolute modularity and scalability in mind. The intricate database schema makes sure that most of the future requirements will be met without having to go through the tough path of redesign/redevelop.

Built on the Laravel framework, it provides an almost cms level service, giving the ability to incorporate anything anywhere in the site. Usage of bootstrap provides utility for responsive accesibility and canonical allocation of space.

Designed in house. Logo concept and design by <a href=''>Lilly Vasileva</a>.

Uploaded in May '16.

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Anchor Web site

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The Anchor Web site is a mini site, comprising of only three sections that are required for the current needs of the Anchor Web label.

It is built on the lumen mini-framework and uses an sqlite3 database which makes it quite low on memory and resources footprint. It also means it can be hosted in a no sql server environment.

Designed by hand, as all the commercial websites built by Anchor Web, it only uses the container and collapse features from bootstrap3 and borrowing the photo view capability of jquery colorbox.

Soon to be expanded!